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Caught By The Hook Marketing

Caught By The Hook Marketing offers everything from Social Media Services and Website Design to Ad Implementation and email marketing.

This page was originally designed as a placeholder while we purchased our domain and hosting services and build our website. For a full breakdown of services visit:

Theses services are perfect for businesses just starting up that need to get their presence found quickly, businesses that have a presence but want to take it to the next level or get on social platforms they have not previously been using, busy business owners that need to dedicate more time to services and outsource their marketing.

Please call or text 613-983-3474 for prices and questions about services

A bit about me and my marketing qualifications:

Joe Spence

Business Owner/Marketing Manager/Charter Captain

  • 5 Years Experience as a Business Owner doing all marketing
  • 5 Years Formal Marketing Experience with most being in the educational, construction and tourism industries
  • 14 Years of Management Experience
  • 16 Years on Social Media
  • 22 Years Sales Experience including retail and large ticket direct to consumer services, Business-to-Business, Phone and Online Sales
  • 25 Years of Web Design and HTML Coding Experience

We have started taking on clients and anticipate a growing team in the future. I look forward to helping you grow your business.

Please call or text 613-983-3474 for prices and questions about services